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Uddeholm Formvar® - New steel grade for Forging.

Free live technical webinar.

For decades, regular H13 has been one of the most trusted grades for forging applications. For higher demands, remelted steel grades has offered significant improvements in die life but there has been a lack of conventional grades to fill the gap between H13 and these refined grades – until now.

Uddeholm Formvar is a new conventionally produced tool steel for forging. Test vs H13 have proven Uddeholm Formvar to be a superior grade with excellent value, offering many improvements to H13: longer tool life, fewer maintenance stops and more parts produced per die.
In this webinar, Richard Oliver, Product Manager for Hot Work steels at Uddeholm, discusses the tooling challenges of forging and present case studies comparing Uddeholm Formvar with common forging grades.

There will be time for Q&A after the presentation.

Richard Oliver has 18 years of tooling industry experience. He began as an apprentice tool maker in Oxford, England, and has also been Sales Engineer and Business Area Manager for Uddeholm UK before becoming Uddeholms main Hot Work application specialist in 2015 and later Product Manager Hot Work.

When: Thursday September 14, 1-2PM Central Time

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